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Sybenetix Edge provides investment teams with the automatic behavioural profiling and real-time decision support tools needed to measure and manage decision-making skill, counter behavioural biases and build a model for excellence in investment performance.
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With actively managed funds under greater scrutiny, the ability of investment professionals to outperform on a consistent basis has never been more important. But without objective behavioural data, investment professionals rely on faulty concepts of talent, intuition and past performance in trying to evaluate the role of skill in delivering performance.



Sybenetix Edge provides the deeper, faster and unprecedented insight and behaviour management tools needed to understand where Alpha performance exists and improve success rates, capital allocation, stock selection and timing.


As a result, investment teams, management and c-suite are using EDGE to deliver consistently better performance, manage behavioural risk more efffectively, and increase assets under management.


Psychology and neuroscience teaches us that enhancing and replicating skill, including countering behavioural finance bias, is essential in delivering consistent above-average returns at an individual and team level.

Leading financial institutions are using Sybenetix Edge to get the tools needed by individuals, teams and the c-suite to systematically improve investment performance.

Decision Support

Real-time decision support tools enable timely behaviour interventions such as alerts, feedback, training and coaching programmes that improve skill and reduce behavioural bias. This enables a model of investment excellence that is scalable across multiple investment teams.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

Edge suite analysis highlighted my underperformance in countries outside my core territories. This clear feedback led to a reallocation of capital to areas in which I consistently generate alpha.s “

- London-based long only fund manager

Our clients are reviewing their investments and monitoring our excess performance daily. The output Sybenetix produces enables us to reassure our investors and we have significantly increased our assets under management..

- Swiss-based long only fund manager

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